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Symbology is an international language that has been used for centuries and there are literally thousands of different symbols that we need to use on a daily basis but unfortunately they all do not appear as standard on our keyboard! The term 'a picture speaks a thousand words' is an ideal way to describe a symbol. A simple picture or image can convey a message often too complicated to be explained in several sentences and the need to incorporate different symbols in our written work whether it be a document, email, tweet or status update means that it is vital we know how to access these hidden and special characters on our computer keyboard! It would be impossible and confusing for every keyboard to display every symbol that it can produce, that is where ALT codes are essential!

Keyboard Symbols - Infinity Symbol
Infinity is defined as time without end, eternal and forever. The infinity symbol ∞ can be produced easily but you need to know what alt code it is and how to insert it into your document. Find out the meaning and history of the infinity symbol and where it is used as well as how to incorporate it into your own documents.

Keyboard Symbols - Trademark Symbol
The trademark symbol is used to identify companies and brands and are extremely important in everyday life. A trademark allows a company to identify something as its own and forbids others to use it for commercial purposes without the proper licence. There are two commonly used symbols to indicate trademark, find out what they are and how to insert them into your document.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
The computer keyboard can produce a huge amount of additional symbols and characters and isn't limited to the characters displayed on the actual keys. Read our page on windows shortcuts for a great selection of useful tips to make you even more productive!

Spanish Computer Symbols
There are several characters and symbols that are unique to Spanish and they can be quite difficult to locate on a standard non Spanish keyboard. The upside down or inverted question mark (Ώ) and exclamation marks (‘) are both used in Spanish sentences but do not appear anywhere on a standard US or UK keyboard. Find out how to add these characters to your documents without amending any of your settings! Also provided is a useful table including the most popular codes.

Keyboard Symbols - Alt Keys for Windows
Alt keys are a great way to add special and foreign characters and letters to your documents. The Alt key appears on the keyboards of windows computers and simply means 'alternate'. On a Mac, the key is called 'option'. Simply follow the instructions for adding special characters to windows, we have even included a useful table showing the most popular windows ALT codes.

Keyboard Symbols - Pound Symbol
How do you add a pound symbol on a nun UK keyboard? Where is it? On a standard UK keyboard, the pound sign (£) can be found above the number 3 key and is inserted into a document by holding down the shift key and pressing the number 3 but how do you add it to a document that is being typed in the US? Simply check out the useful tips and instructions on the keyboard symbols, pound page for a simple solution!

Special Keyboard Symbols & Characters
What are special keyboard symbols and characters? How do you add them to a document? Want to create a picture out of text characters? We have included lots of examples, simply copy and paste them into your documents or use them as a unique status update to impress your friends and family! Check out the examples below!

Be my Valentine


• ° •?•° * ? • ° ° ? ° ? •
• °Happy?* ? • ° ° ? ° ? •
•??Christmas!? ?* • °?
° ? ° ?°? *__?____*?*°
° ? •?•° */______/~\?° ° ?
°? •?• ° | ?? |?| °

Keyboard Symbols - Copyright
The copyright symbol
© is a special and extremely important character which can be easily inserted into your document and is a vital component to include in you documents in order to protect you rights. The definition of copyright is the right of an author or his assignee, under statute, to print and publish his literary or artistic work, exclusively of all other persons. This right may be had in maps, charts, engravings, plays, and musical compositions, as well as in books.


Keyboard Symbols | Querty

Image of QWERTY Keys

Keyboard Symbols - Facts
Facts....Did you know...

Keyboard Symbols

Fact 1: American Inventor Christopher Latham Sholes (1819–1890) invented the QWERTY keyboard

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 2: The Querty keyboard is the most widely used keyboard layout used throughout the world

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 3: The name querty is derived from the first six keys (left to right) on the top row of the keyboard Q W E R T Y

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 4: The QUERTY keyboard was designed to speed up typists and avoid paper jams on typewriters

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 5: The layout of the qwerty keyboard encourage the use of both hands equally

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 6: The term keyboard is also used to describe an electronic keyboard similar to a piano

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 7: The keys on the top row of a computer keyboard are known as function keys

Fact 8: The QWERTY keyboard is sometimes called the Sholes keyboard after its inventor

Fact 9: The first author credited with using a typewriter to write their book was Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi which was published in 1883

Fact 10: The first kindle e reading device was released by Amazon on on November 19, 2007, It sold out in five and a half hours!

Fact 11: The longest word that can be typed using just the top line of the keyboard is 'rupturewort' (it is a plant also known as Herniaria glabra)

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 12: The Alt key appears on the keyboards of windows PC's and means alternate. On a Mac, the key is called Option

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 13: The @ sign is known as the AT sign (stands for Advanced Technology)

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

Fact 14: On a standard US keyboard, the at sign is found above the number 2 but its position varies in different countries

Keyboard Symbols
 | Image

 Fact 15: On 12th February 2009, author Stephen King released his book 'UR' exclusively on kindle

Keyboard Symbols - Tattoos
Keyboard symbols are a great idea for tattoos. Looking for a unique tattoo design? Why not choose a keyboard symbol or incorporate a selection of keyboard symbols into your own design? Perhaps you want to include the popular # or 'hash tag' for example in your message? A great way to show your interest in the fascinating world of social media! Keyboard symbols make a great choice for tattoo designs! Browse through our selection of images and check out the meaning of each keyboard Symbol.

Keyboard Symbols | at sign

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Pictures and Videos of Keyboard Symbols
Discover the vast selection of pictures and videos which relate to keyboard symbols and illustrate the many different keyboard symbols we use and see on a daily basis! What is the infinity symbol and how do you incorporate it in your document? How do you enter the euro sign? Where is the at sign on my keyboard? Find the answer to these questions about keyboard symbols and more! Lots of useful information and facts for anyone with an interest in computers and technology or for anyone who needs to find a symbol for their document fast! All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource on keyboard symbols for everyone!


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