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Tattoo Symbols - Meanings
The word 'tattoo' comes from the Tahitian word 'tatau', which means 'to mark'. Tattoos are a great way to show a persons feelings, faith or convey a message. From Zodiac animals which relate to a persons star sign to Mythical animals, the choice is endless. Some people prefer to convey a message of love using the Chinese alphabet while others use Roman numerals to display a date which is significant to them.


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Tattoo Symbolism
Before committing to a tattoo, it is vital to research the symbolism of the symbol you have chosen. There have been many reported cases of people who have chosen a Chinese or Japanese word for example only to find out a later date that the translation they saw in the tattooists studio is inaccurate and the word has a completely different meaning! Yes, it is possible to remove tattoos but the process takes time and can be painful, save yourself time, money and pain by doing your research before you get inked!


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Family Tattoo Symbols
Often parents choose to incorporate their children's name and dates of birth into their tattoo designs, a way to show their offspring how much they love them. Again, many include dates of birth in roman numerals but it is important to double check you have the correct date! Many couples show their commitment to each other by including their partners name in their tattoo design, a word of caution though, this is the most popular type of tattoo that people want to have removed! A tattoo is a permanent choice and tattoos incorporating girlfriends/boyfriends names are often regretted! Apart from the pain involved, tattoo removal can be very expensive! Laser removal can cost thousands depending on the size of the tattoo and its placement on the body, the moral is 'think before you get inked!' otherwise you could live to regret your hasty decision!

Chinese Tattoo Symbols
The images below show some of the most popular tattoo choices. They are simply letters from the Chinese alphabet but are a great and unusual way to portray a message.

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Friendship Symbols Tattoo
A friendship tattoo is a popular choice for friends who want a permanent reminder of their friendship and bond. Having a tattoo instead of a wedding ring is becoming a popular choice, some people prefer to have a tattoo of a ring inked on their wedding ring finger instead of wearing a conventional wedding ring. A great choice for people who cannot wear wedding rings at work for health and safety reasons.

Tattoo Symbols - Mother and Daughter
Hearts, circles and infinity symbols are favorite choices for mothers and daughters who wish to show their affection for each other. Baby footprints are also an unusual but increasingly popular choice for mothers and fathers. The babies footprint is copied from the image taken at birth, often the babies date of birth and name is added to the tattoo, a special reminder of the bond between parent and child

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Infinity Symbols Tattoos
The word infinity is derived from the Latin word 'infinitas' which translates to unboundedness or endless. Infinity is defined as something without a limit. It is a concept often used in the fields of mathematics and physics and is a very popular choice to incorporate as part of a tattoo design. The infinity symbol  ∞ was introduced by the English mathematician John Wallis and it is sometimes referred to as the 'lazy 8'.

Peace Tattoo Symbols
Peace is defined as a state of quiet or tranquillity; freedom from disturbance or agitation; calm; repose. There are many symbols used to represent peace, the oldest of these being the olive branch and the dove. Early Christians used images of Doves carrying olive branches in their beaks to symbolise peace. Modern peace symbols include the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) ☮as well as the 'V' sign.

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Tattoo Symbols - Tribal
In ancient times it was commonplace for tribe members to add a new tattoo each time they had successfully returned from battle. The amount of tattoos on a tribesman's body indicated to other members of the tribe and those he went to war with how strong and courageous a warrior he was. Examples of cultures to whom tribal tattoos were important include Celtic, Maori, Polynesian and Native American. Dragons and snakes were popular choices for tribal tattoos as well as mythical animals. Nowadays many people who have traced their Celtic or Native American ancestors for example are choosing a tattoo design which is representative of their roots and is symbolic to them. Many Native American tribes had their own script and letters are becoming a popular choice for those wishing to create their own unique tattoo design.

Tattoo Symbols - Dream Symbolism
Dreaming that you have tattoos means that some urgent and difficult business will call you away from your home for an extended period of time. It may also signal a new stage in your life. Seeing tattoos on others in your dream indicates that you will be the object of jealousy. Dreaming that you are getting a tattoo with a friend, represents your deep bond and long-lasting, solid friendship. Dreaming that you are a tattoo artist means that your strange life style will alienate your friends and family.


Tattoo Symbols | Anchor & Snake


Tattoo Symbols

Tattoos Symbol Fact 1: After the death of King Harold II in the battle of Hastings, he was identified by his tattoos

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoos Symbol Fact 2: Tattoos were popular in ancient Egypt and many mummies with tattooed limbs have been found

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoos Symbols Fact 3: Roman numerals and Chinese words are two of the most popular choices for tattoo designs

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 4: Winston Churchill, the prime minister of the United Kingdom during World War II had an anchor tattooed on his right arm

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 5: Sailors often had a tattoo of a rooster on one foot and a pig tattooed on the other foot, it was thought these creatures would save them from drowning if they fell overboard!

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 6: The following quote is from the bible: "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord." Leviticus, 19:28

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 7: It is believed that the former US president, Franklin D. Roosevelt had his family crest tattooed on his chest

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 8: George C. Reiger Jr. is known as the Disney Tattoo Guy or Disney's number one fan as he has thousands of Disney characters tattooed over his body

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 9: Throughout history, many monarchs have been inked from King Harold II to Princess Stephanie of Monaco!

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Tattoo Symbols Fact 10: The ankles, elbows and knees are thought to be the most painful locations for a tattoo as they are close to the bone, more fleshy locations are less painful

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Tattoo Symbols Fact 11: In ancient times, the amount of tattoos on a warriors body indicated how courageous and brave he was as it was common practice to have a new tattoo each time the warrior returned from battle

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Tattoo Symbols Fact 12: George Orwell, the writer of Animal Farm and 1984 had small blue spots tattooed on his knuckles, it is thought they protected him against snake bites and bullets!

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Tattoo Symbols Fact 13: Mathematical signs are often used in tattoo designs, the infinity symbol for example (∞) is often used to symbolise eternal or endless love

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 14: Tattoos were an important part of the Samoan tribes culture but were restricted to the lower part of the body

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols Fact 15: Tattoos are also referred to as tats, ink, pieces, skin art, body art, tattoo art or simply work

Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo Symbols

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