Music Theory Worksheets


Music Theory Worksheets

Music Theory Worksheets

♪♪♪♪.... Theory Worksheets..Did you know....A trio is a sonata for three instruments (for example the piano, violin, cello), A quartet is a sonata for four instruments, the most common quartet combination is: First and second violins, viola, and violoncello. The term chamber music is often used to refer to instrumental music for trio, quartet, quintet, and other similar combinations which are more suitable for a small room rather than for a large concert hall... Theory Worksheets ♪♪♪♪♪

Enjoy this selection of free printable Music Theory Worksheets. Learn in a fun way! Lots of Music theory questions, An easy way to brush up on musical theory. Quiz questions on music notation, musical terminology, instruments and history!


Music Theory Worksheets
Need to test your musical knowledge or looking for a quiz to test your students? Click on one of the links below, print off and complete a useful free worksheet on musical theory including a quiz on musical terms and notation. The answers have also been provided, just click on the link at the bottom of the quiz for the answers in a printable format.

Music Theory Worksheets - Worksheets
Click on one of the links below for a printable fun worksheet on music theory:

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Music Theory Worksheet Three

Music Theory Worksheet Four

Music Theory Worksheet Five

Music Theory Worksheets - Answers
Click on one of the links below for the answers to our selection of worksheets on music theory:

Music Theory Worksheet One - Answers

Music Theory Worksheet Two - Answers

Music Theory Worksheet Three - Answers

Music Theory Worksheet Four - Answers

Music Theory Worksheet Five - Answers

Music Theory Worksheets - Facts
Musical Theory Worksheets Facts....Did you know...


Fact 1: A clef is a sign placed on the staff to indicate what pitches are to be represented by its lines and spaces


Fact 2: A key signature is placed at the beginning of each staff to indicate the key that the music is to be played in


Fact 3: The four elements commonly attributed to music are: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Tone Quality


Fact 4: In music dynamics, the term used for softly is 'piano'


Fact 5: In music notation, duration values are shown by shapes of notes


Fact 6: A capella (also spelt cappella or alla capella) music is part-singing without accompaniment


Fact 7: In musical notation, the symbol for a rest is two parallel lines which are set at an angle, similar to two forward slashes: //


Fact 8: A caesura is a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line


Fact 9: A symphony is a sonata for full orchestra


Fact 10: When the G clef is used the staff is referred to as the treble staff


Fact 11:  When the F clef is used the staff is referred to as the bass staff


Fact 12:  In an orchestra, French horns are used in pairs, two of the players taking the higher tones, and two the lower


Fact 13:  A sharp is a character that causes the degree of the staff with which it is associated to represent a pitch one half-step higher than it otherwise would


Fact 14: A flat is a character that causes the degree of the staff with which it is associated to represent a tone one half-step lower than it otherwise would


Fact 15: The double bass differs from the other members of the string family in that it is tuned in fourths instead of in fifths

Music Theory Worksheets
Music theory worksheets are an ideal choice for beginners or for use as a basis for a music lesson. This selection of printable worksheets on music theory are an ideal choice for beginners, elementary students or for someone learning to play a new instrument such as the piano or guitar.

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Music Theory Worksheets

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Browse a selection of videos on Music Theory - A useful free educational resource for anyone teaching music theory. A great way to teach your kids about music theory in a fun way! What is the difference between a Treble clef and  a C clef? What are Time Signatures? What is the difference between a Crotchet and a Quaver? What do Sharp symbols look like? What is an Articulation mark? Find the answer to these music theory questions and more! Lots of useful information and facts for anyone with an interest in music theory. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great musical educational resource on Music Theory Worksheets for everyone!


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