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A useful and comprehensive dictionary of symbols beginning with the letter A. Facts, definitions and worksheets! An easy way to learn about a huge variety of different symbols.

Did you know that the humble ant is symbolic of hard work and community living? or that an arch is symbolic of passing from one life stage to another? Perhaps this is why so many brides and grooms walk under an arch at their wedding reception to symbolise their new life together!

Dictionary of Symbols - Letter A - List of Terms
A useful and comprehensive dictionary of symbols. The following are just a selection of the thousands of symbols used throughout the world. Depending on whether you religious or not, certain symbols will have a deep significance to you.

Dictionary of Symbols - A

Dictionary of Symbols Meaning
Abbey An abbey is considered one of the luckier symbols and a sign of increasing wealth and comfort; you will gain much success in your life
Ace of Clubs The playing card, the ace of clubs is a lucky symbol. It signifies good news through the post
Ace of Diamonds You will be gratified by a good present or sum of money
Ace of Hearts Shows affection and happiness in the home
Ace of Spades The ace of spades playing card is believed to symbolise a large town or building
Acorn The acorn is considered a symbol of health, strength and gain through industry, a sowing of which you will see the reaping, a short journey from which there may be great results; good fortune and ease are predicted by several acorns
Aircraft If flying towards consultant, hasty news or an unexpected journey; if stationary it gives warning that you will have but little success in your life unless you come out of the rut into which you have fallen
Albatross If seen with the sign of a ship or water it portends distress for those at sea; to sailors or to those associated with them it is an omen of sadness, meaning sorrow and sometimes death
Alderman To workers this is a sign that if they proceed with caution they will become prosperous
Alligator This is a bad sign of personal danger and distress possibly caused by those nearest to you; it also shows much mental disturbance and worry; if very near consultant a catastrophe is imminent
Almonds These denote festivities and social enjoyment, good and generous friends
Altar If with a figure near, sorrow and distress are foreshown
Amber The gemstone Amber is symbolic of several things. In Norse mythology it was thought that amber represented the goddess Freya's tears for her lost husband. It is also symbolic of sunlight due to its color. Amber is thought to have medicinal properties and in many countries Amber bracelets are worn by toddlers to ease teething pain
Anchor A pleasing symbol of good and loyal friends, constancy in love, and the realisation of your wishes; an emblem of safety to a sailor
Angel This is a symbol of good fortune in love, radiance, happiness, and peace. A flying Angel is a token of love and joy which are swiftly approaching you
Ant The Ant is symbolic of hard work and of community living and most cultures around the world respect the ant. In Hindu belief, the Ant is symbolic of life and its many phases of change
Antlers An accident is predicted by this symbol
Anvil Your strength and energy will bring you much success in new plans or enterprises
Ape This animal points to the fact that you have a secret enemy; it denotes malicious and dangerous persons whose tongues are to be feared; it is also a sign of despondency, care, anxiety, and fraud
Apples A pleasant sign of happiness, cheerful conditions, good health, and fortune
Apple Trees These predict a happy event in the apple season
Apron  Near consultant brings a new friend; at a distance new work or acquaintances
Arab This symbol points to a need for caution in choosing your friends, or you may find yourself in the power of someone who will prove to be an undesirable companion
Things which you desire are developing in the wished-for direction; the arch is a sign of hope; your ambition may be gratified in a most unexpected manner. The Arch also symbolises passing from one state to another, such as from life to death. Many initiation rites require the individual to pass under an arch to be reborn and many brides and grooms pass through an arch to signify their new life together
Ark  This symbol assures you of security and of finding refuge in times of distress and turmoil
If curved, it signifies love, protection, care and strength; stretched out, that a new influence will come into your life which will prove to be an endless source of joy and love
Armour A suit of armour foretells that you will be called upon to face difficulties and dangers and that you will come through them with courage. See Knight in Armour
Arrow Unpleasant news or a disagreeable letter from the direction in which it comes
Artichoke This signifies sadness, disappointment and delay; sometimes a secret trouble is indicated by this symbol
Artist To see an artist at work, indicates association with those who study art; also a happy nature finding much joy and beauty in life
Artist's Mahl Stick This implies an artistic temperament, a dislike of daily duties or irksome tasks, and a fretting under any routine; a lack of attention to detail is also a usual characteristic of this symbol
Arum Lily This flower stands for dignity, expectancy, and calm; its fuller meanings must be judged by other symbols around it
Asters These flowers indicate a smooth though possibly a somewhat monotonous life; they also show a settled state of mind and sound judgment; if seen in the form of a wreath a death is predicted
Axe This shows mastery and power to overcome difficulties; sometimes separation. The Axe is an emblem of the Greek god Zeus and Hindu gods Shiva and Agni. It is also considered symbolic of death in some cultures

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Dictionary of Symbols

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