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A useful guide to a selection of Spiritual Symbols. Discover the symbols origin and meaning as well as a selection of interesting facts about the different symbols that we identify with religion and spirituality.

There are thousands of spiritual symbols recognised all over the world. Each religion has its own specific symbols. In Islam for example the Prayer mat, Star and Crescent and the Koran are just a few of the important spiritual symbols for followers of the Muslim faith. Read on to find out about the important spiritual symbols of the Catholic, Jewish, Hindi and Buddhist faiths.

Spiritual Symbols - Important Spiritual Symbols include the Christian Cross, the Jewish Star of David, The Muslim Koran, The Buddhist Prayer Wheel and the Catholic Roasry Beads. Find out about a selection of spiritual symbols that are significant to specific religions. - Spiritual
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Spiritual Symbols - Gods and Goddesses
Many cultures feature gods and goddesses as important spiritual symbols. The belief that a single supreme god is the force behind life itself and the mysteries of the universe and evolution is shared by many different cultures. These supreme gods are spiritual symbols of the meaning of life. The following list identifies the supreme god for each individual culture:

  • Celtic - Dagda (All Powerful God)

  • Inca - Viracocha (Lord of the World)

  • Maori - Papatuanuku (Goddess of Earth and mother of the people)

  • Hindu - Vishnu (Supreme God)

  • Polynesia - Tangaroa (Supreme God)

  • Ancient Egyptians - Isis (Great Goddess)

  • India - Shakti (Ultimate Creative Force)

Spiritual Symbols - Mythical Beasts
Many of the mythical beasts which appear in the myths and legends of different countries can be described as spiritual symbols. These include the Unicorn, Minotaur, Salamander, Centaur, Hydra and Ky-Lin. The unicorn is a spiritual symbol which is symbolic to followers of the Christian faith as the creature represents Christ. The Unicorn is also significant to the Chinese as it represents good will, wisdom and long life.

Spiritual Symbols - Buddhism
Buddhism was founded over 2.500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama. It is a belief which is centered around compassion, non-violence and charity and its ultimate goal is spiritual enlightenment.

Important spiritual symbols in the Buddhist faith include the Wheel of Law, Prayer Wheel and the 'Sanga' or monastic order. Buddhism has many spiritual symbols including the wheel of law, the footprint of Buddha and the prayer wheel. To reach the ultimate state of Nirvana, followers of Buddhism have many individual spiritual symbols.

Spiritual Symbols - Example of Buddhism  Wheel of Law Symbol

Spiritual Symbols - Catholic
Followers of the Catholic Church believe in God and Jesus Christ. All Catholics share the belief that Jesus died to save us from sin and his resurrection offers salvation to all who follow the faith. Significant Catholic spiritual symbols include the cross, the bible, rosary beads, communion and saints.

The Chi-Rho Christogram is one of the best known catholic spiritual symbols and an example of the symbol is pictured on the right. It is a monogram or combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ. The symbol is formed by superimposing the first two letters Chi and Rho (ΧΡ) of the Greek word "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ" which translates to Christ.

Spiritual Symbols - Example of Catholic Chi Rho Cross Symbol

Spiritual Symbols - Hinduism
The term Hinduism is used when describing followers of the Hindu religion however most followers refer to themselves as 'sanatana dharma' which means external law or religion. Brahma (Creator), Shiva (Destroyer), Vishnu (Preserver) and Ganesha (New Ventures) are all gods which are important in the Hindu faith. Hinduism has hundreds of other spiritual symbols and objects of worship.

The cow is extremely sacred to followers of the Hindu religion and is a spiritual symbol of fertility. Its slaughter is banned in the Hindu faith and the animal is also an important food source (milk). Even the legs of the cow are symbolic as each one represents on of the four castes.

Spiritual Symbols - Example of Hinduism Symbol

Spiritual Symbols - Jewish
The Star of David, Kippah and Torah are all examples of Jewish spiritual symbols which are important to followers of Judasim.

The sacred book of Judaism is called the Torah and comprises four levels of meaning: literal, allegorical, homiletically and mystical. It is an extremely important part of the Jewish religion to study the holy scriptures of the Torah. The Torah is also known as the Pentateuch and is the first five books of the Hebrew bible. The Torah scriptures are a set of rules or laws which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, they helped Moses to lead the Jewish people from captivity in Egypt to Israel, a journey known as the Exodus

Spiritual Symbols - Example of a Jewish Star of David Symbol

Spiritual Symbols

Spiritual Symbols

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