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A useful reference guide to important symbols of the Native American people.

Discover the history and religious beliefs surrounding a selection of Native American Symbols. Read about the the symbolism of each individual symbol including: The Wolf
, War Paint and Power Animals.

Power Animals are extremely significant spiritual symbols for the Native American Indians. They believe in Animism which is based on the spiritual idea that the universe, and all natural objects within the universe, have souls or spirits. Important power animals include: Butterfly, Crow, Bear, Beaver, Falcon, Fox, Hummingbird, Wolf and Turtle.

Native American Symbols - A wide variety of different symbols and signs were used by the Native American people including War Paint, Birds, Trees, Color Symbolism, Arrowheads and Fire. Each tribe had its own important symbolic items and different symbols were more significant to  men and women - Native American Symbols

Native American Symbols - Meaning
There are many different Native American symbols and the meaning of each one is open to interpretation and can vary from one tribe to another. Native Indian warriors like the one pictured above wore many symbolic items, each with its own spiritual or even secret meaning. War paint was applied for rituals, celebrations and battles in an attempt to make the warriors and chiefs appear more frightening. The paint was also believed to hold magical powers. Animal symbols were also very important to Native Americans. Native American Animal symbols and totems were believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide.

Facts about Native American Symbols

  • Sacred sticks are used by the Native American people to communicate with their gods and pray. Sacred sticks carry prayers and are often decorated with feathers and painted with bright colours. Often they are placed in bundles around ceremonial sites

  • Medicine bundles are also an important Native American symbol. They are small pouches where important sacred objects such as stones and herbs are stored. They are believed to give the owner spiritual power

  • The Native American Church is a religion which practices Peyotism and originated in Oklahoma. It is the most widespread indigenous religion among Native Americans in the US

  • The number two represents Grandmother Earth in the Native American earth count

  • War paint was worn by warriors and chiefs going into battle to give them magical powers and also to intimidate their enemies

  • The American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA) was passed in Aug 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. It protects and preserves the traditional religious rights and cultural practices of American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, and Native Hawaiians

  • Some Native American tribes use tattoos to protect against disease and the identify what tribe a person belongs to

  • The herb Sage is sacred to Native Americans and an important herb used for cleansing and purifying

  • The raven is believed by some Native American tribes to have brought light and fire to the world

  • The number three symbolises water and emotions


  • Stars are important symbols to the Native Americans who believe they are the campfires of their ancestors
  • The number six represents ancestors, shown the the Native American earth count as  a six pointed star
Native American Symbols

Native American Symbols - Definition of Belief
Being religious is defined as the outward act or form by which a person indicates their recognition of the existence of a god or of gods having power over their destiny, to whom obedience, service, and honor are due. Having a religious belief or faith is being in awe of some superhuman and overruling power, whether by profession of belief, by observance of rites and ceremonies, or by the conduct of life. Religion is a framework of beliefs relating to supernatural or superhuman beings or forces that transcend the everyday material world. Being religious is to have a strong belief, a faith in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality".

Dream Explanation - Religious
Dreaming that you are deeply religious, foretells of a negative turn to your business affairs and a disruption to your life. Dreaming that you are over religious means that your goody goody character will repulsed your lover or mate.

Native American Symbols
Discover facts and information about a huge range of spiritual Native American emblems and signs. Read about each individual emblem and its significance to a particular Native American tribe. What is the significance of the Wolf for the Native American people? Why are feathers so important?  Why did they use war paint? Find out interesting facts about the life of this amazing group of people. Discover the answers to these questions and many more, a useful educational resource for everyone.

Native American Symbols

Native American Symbols

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Native American Symbols


Pictures and Videos of Native American Symbols
Discover the vast selection of pictures which relate to Native American Symbols and illustrate some of the different Religious emblems and signs that we see in everyday life. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone! Find out about different religious emblems and their significance to a variety of religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhist, Taoism, Sikhism and Confucianism.


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